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Yes, I agree with you NiHaoMike. There are several items that can be added to the basic circuit that are environment specific.

My normal fair is MAINS – FUSE – INDUCTOR – MOV's – LOAD. The inductor is usually 2 or 3 strands of the electrical wire wound in a 12 inch circle and put in a metal box. The ends of the loops make a 90 degree bend when entering and exiting the box. It's a good idea to get the 90's to touch the box. Lightning does not like to conduct through tight turns. That's not much of an inductor, but it usually gives the fuse time to blow.

The entire jelly jar surge protection cost me $12.00 with all new parts mostly from Ebay. I would be hesitant to add run caps because of cost. If I had a low power factor, I'd be first in line for them. Just from here. If you happen to have them on hand or have a cheap source, it's worth the effort.

The mov's do need to be changed out periodically. The 150 volt mov's I used are V150LA10CP. They are rated for 10 surges at 3KA and 80 surges at 750A.

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