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Originally Posted by pinballlooking View Post
Nice... I watch the video nice install.
I 100 agree EV cars a solar really go well together.
have you figured out your saving form not buying gas now?
My Honda Pilot was getting 18-19 mpg and in the last 18 months I've put 32,037 miles on my Tesla Model S. I've still never spent a penny on electricity in all those miles (I think of my solar energy as pre-paid electricity until I break even then it'll be free and much of this charging was free at Superchargers). If I'd spent $2.50 per gallon to drive those same miles in my Honda Pilot getting 18 mpg I'd have spent $4,449 on gasoline, or $247 per month. If the gasoline was $2 per gallon, and I got 19 mpg then that's $3,372 or $187 per month.

I have been keeping track of my solar production vs what my home and cars consume and I just created a YouTube video covering the last 3 years which you can watch here if you're interested.
DIY installed a 9.98 kW rooftop solar system with REC TP2 panels, SolarEdge SE7600a-us grid tie inverter, power optimizers, & Snap 'N Rack mounting system.
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