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Originally Posted by NiHaoMike View Post

Great solutions. Keep up the good DIY ideas!!!!

Solution 1 - Replace the compressor and TXV with smaller ones. Expensive in parts even if you buy surplus, also very labor intensive.

Solution 4 - Add a VFD. Not cheap if you have to buy the VFD new, but very economical if you can get a surplus VFD. Relatively low labor cost and doesn't even need an EPA certification. Also get the benefits of a variable speed system. The high tech naysayers don't like this solution, but why listen to them?

#1 is great idea if you need to replace a failed compressor. Big side benefit besides higher COP is that in HP mode the evaporator does not freeze up. Did this for own house.

#4 Beats even #1 if you have a 3 phase compressor - I replaced my failed compressor with a single phase compressor as that was what I had on hand, would have used the VFD approach with a 3 phase compressor if I'da had one on hand or could have found one at a low price.

BTW - I would try to find the cheapest CHINESE VFD that I could <G>

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