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Originally Posted by randen View Post
OK Wyrtwister

I'm confused.?? What are you trying to say? what are you comparing what to?? As well After sometime, thinking long and hard, MS HP, MS HP mmm, oh yes Mini-Split Heat Pump. When using acronyms please use them once at-least in the paragraph first.

So is running your MS-HP less expensive or with the gas you use still is a wash?? I don't understand. what your trying to say.

Thanks Randen
MS - Mini Split

HP - Heat Pump

I am not really sure the HP is going to lower my gas bill ? It only serves 2 rooms . So the rest of the house will be heated with gas , one way or another .

But , until it gets really cold , I am hoping to keep the central furnace off as much as I can .

Right now , the jury is still out . I am still testing & trying to gather info .

God bless
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