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Late to the party, but thought I'd add some archival info. If you're not comfortable (read, competent :-) ) with soldering, a better option might be to look at PIDG terminals & butt splices. The cheap vinyl jacketed ones in the blister packs at the dollar store probably aren't a good idea, but good ones aren't that expensive. Nylon insulators are better than vinyl, unless you know what you're doing. You need a proper crimper to make good, gas-tight joints, but the crimper can be purchased for around $30. A proper crimper is a ratcheting device; it won't release until the crimp is completed. One crimper and three sizes of terminals cover wire sizes from 22AWG up to 10AWG.

They're designed for minimal skillset operators, working in a production environment, and be as goof-proof as possible.
The crimper and terminals are color coded. Pick the color terminal for the wire size range you're using, strip the wire, insert the terminal in the matching color slot in the crimper, and squeeze until it releases. Guaranteed quality junction.
The terminal provides built-in insulation and strain relief. (A biggie.)

I've had three different 'lives' in various electronics fields, plus numerous electronically tied hobby endeavors (including wiring an experimental aircraft). I probably have close to a dozen various soldering 'irons' around the house & shop/hangar, including Weller & Unger 'guns' & stations, a Metcal station, torches, etc. I've been soldering for a living and for hobbies for over 50 years, so I feel that I can claim some competence. But a *lot* of the point-to-point wiring work I do now is with PIDG style crimp connectors. While I still trust my soldering work more than crimps, that's largely my bias; not a real advantage. The crimps are just so much faster.

But use quality crimps, and a proper ratcheting crimper. That old set of strip&crimp pliers will not cut it for gas-tight crimps.


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