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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
With that you should be sitting pretty good, probably worlds better than most of the other houses around you.
That is precisely where I'd like to end up sitting with this property. This structure is not particularly "bad" construction, it's just obvious it was knocked together in a limited amount of time on a limited budget to serve a purpose. Efficiency does not appear to have been considered.

Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post
If there is any way that you could put your radiant system on top of the floor rather than underneath, you will have much better efficiency... Do not use 'suspended PEX'. It's easy, it's cheap, is really, really inefficient.
To clarify, when I said "Under the floors" I really meant installing PEX with spreaders on top of the existing particle board subfloor, then installing hardwood flooring on top of that. (Similar to Daox's office retrofit) A PEX staple up install using spreaders in the basement would be quick, but since I have the flooring removed in the main living room, and all three bedrooms, it seems better to put the PEX closer to where I want the heat.

Regarding that "suspended PEX" inefficiency, I noticed walking through the house in socks that I could tell where the copper pipes to the baseboards were suspended in the basement below. You guessed it, NONE of the baseboard heating pipes are actually insulated.
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