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Default Heated Garage Floor

I have lived with heated floors for 20 yrs. now. It is truly the holy grail of heating a space. I have them in both my home and office area of my shop.

It is very efficient in putting low energy heat were it needs to be.

My home uses both solar hot water and Geo-thermal to warm the floor and it is fabulous.

You may have a golden opportunity here as even a possibly better method is about to be tried. Direct Exchange Geo-thermal by Memphis91.

Copper tubing cast in the floor and another loop buried in the ground and a small compressor to move the refrigerant. This method would not require the addition of anti-freeze or control valves and pumps. Super efficient.

You could also have air-conditioning

The cost of operating would be minimal. If your thinking about powering with Solar PV even better but you would require a 3ph compressor and a VFD still not a deal breaker. The PV panels in this configuration could power the heat-pump directly and if need-be with line power as well.


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