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Steve Hull
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Great idea! Here are some thoughts.

1) 2 inches of high density foam under the slab will not be sufficient if you are heating with electricity. Your ground temp is about 45F and in the winter, it will drop even more. 3-4 inches is better (R18-24).

2) don't heat the entire garage floor - just the areas you are crawling on, perhaps the middle 2/3rds.

3) a lot of people in Wisconsin use wood fired water boilers. Since these are carbon neutral, it is "green" - perhaps even more so than coal derived electricity.

4) Peripheral slab insulation (R20), down at least 30 inches, is a must

5) Have you considered IR heat? It heats people, not air. Yes it might mean bring in the gas line, but these are INCREDIBLY efficient so long you are in sight of the IT tube heater.

6) I wish Menards were here in Oklahoma . . . . .

Lastly, how did you calculate the 24KBTU/hr? How large is garage floor and what do you want to heat it to?

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