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The new Enphase IQ8 microinverter may solve some of your concerns. It has the ability to isolate the PV system when grid power is down.

That, in itself is not new, but what is unique is that this inverter can power loads when the sun is shining up to the rated output of the panels.

For example. Assume a set of panels that can put out 10 kW peak. The output peaks at solar noon in a parabolic manner (0 kW at night). The IQ 8 allows you to load the system up to 10 kW with lesser power supplied earlier and later than solar noon.

This is exciting as you can run your HVAC system in the heat of the day so long as it does not draw more than the panels can produce.

With future battery storage (prices going down rapidly) or as Doug has done with recycled Chevy Volt batteries, means you can store power.

Hope this information helps.

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