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Default Light Where You Want It...

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
575 lumens / 10.5W is only 54.7 lumens per watt. Most CFLs are around the same efficiency (800 lumen / 14W = 57.1), so its not more efficient than a CFL. Plus, a 60W equivalent bulb is supposed to put out 800 lumens, so this light falls a fair amount short of that output. I wouldn't recommend it.
I actually talked about this very issue with a lighting engineer (there really is such a thing), while waiting for a plane to Brazil...

He said he was designing lighting systems for large public spaces, some of which were parking lots. I told him that I was sure that LEDs were the upcoming technology. He said yes, but not for the reason you may think...

Turns out, according to him, CFL actually puts out more light per watt than LED. However, he was in fact, using LEDs to light parking lots. The reason being that CFL is diffuse by nature and it is not easy to direct all of the light where you want it.

LEDs on the other hand are highly directional and he was able to get 'areas of interest' lighted to a target lumen level using less watts, by using LEDs. The labor save by using LEDs since their MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) is much longer, was a bonus.


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