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I believe that i failed that little exp . I put in a straight wire in and still only the fan on the inside would come on

Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post
Yes, the spot with the black circle is a good place to attach one wire of the fuse holder. Just apply the heat to the terminal until it melts, it probably has unleaded solder in the board. The unleaded solder has a higher melting point. Once you add some lead solder, it will lower the melting point and be easier to work with.

The other wire of the fuse holder can go on the red circled terminal or the circuit trace next to the terminal. First, you need to clean up the area. It's all black with carbon from burning and arcs. Use 91 percent alcohol and a brush, and some flux if you have any. Once the area is clean, you can melt some solder onto the terminal and then remove it with desoldering wick or a solder sucker. If you want to attach the wire to the trace, just scrape the green paint off the top with an xacto knife or a pocket knife. Shine the copper trace up with alcohol and a pencil eraser. Adda little flux to the spot and hit it with a tinned iron. The solder should stick quickly to the bare trace. If not, clean again and add more flux.
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