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Good Question Doax. But to be honest, not a lot. I have been crippled by the heat this year. It has been mostly above 110 this summer. It just takes the fight right out of me.

Before summer I had replaced some fluorescent bulbs with LED bulbs. I replaced the receptacle with that kit from Costco. With each one replaced I airsealed them up as I replaced them. I replaced My rear door as it had a bad leak and no matter what i did, I could not get it to close easily and correctly any longer. ( the door had water damage at the bottom that I had fixed many times). I fixed a large window next to the door that also leaked. Sealed vents in rooms where I could get to them easily.

When the fall is finally here I have some big plans. I am going to fix all insulation in my attic. I got a quote of 2500 to that... and it looks like doing it myself I can save about 2k of that. I will also cover my garage with spray insulation as I plan on installing a mini split in the garage so I can make it useable in the summer.

The clink in my plans though is I am recently laid off, but I have enough savings to at least get the work in the attic done. Hopefully find an inexpensive mini split for the garage.
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