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Originally Posted by NiHaoMike View Post
Good quality batteries are rated to last thousands of complete cycles nowadays, even more for partial cycles. If you don't use them, they'll eventually die of old age.

Selling to the grid is not a good option in some places.
The best current battery for backup is LiFePo4. They generally last about 2k to 2.5k cycles. If you cycle those batteries 50% everyday they will last ~7 years. It's your choice but they are expensive.

If you sell everything back to the grid after all your own demands are met you will effectively be using the grid in place of your batteries for decades. Think about it, your PV still runs your house but your batteries aren't taxed until the need arises.(grid failures)

The only time complete off grid works is if you live so far from the grid that you can't get grid power or that the expense to bring grid power to your house is extremely costly.
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