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I do have one issue that has happened twice now that is stumping me that I'm sure you guys would have some insight on.

I've had water come out of the circulation resevoir to the point the the highest pipe dumping into it has a slight air gap when I find it. There are two holes on the side of the cooler resevoir where the pipes go in that were not sealed.

It looks like the water leaked out of those holes, but they are 4-5 inches above where the pipes end. Somehow the water level rose enough to drain out, but then later the water level dropped below the discharge pipe. Then i. Guessing allowing air to enter the loop. When I noticed it today the motor was so hot it was starting to melt the insulation on it! I rechaged the loop and the pump still works fine. No sign of any leaks anywhere else. It worked solid for 2 weeks straight since the first time it happened.

To "fix" it I extended the pipes another 4-5 inches to the bottom of the resevoir. I also sealed the pipe holes with silicone. My theory is that whatever caused the water level to rise that much will have more room to expand before leaking out. Then when it contracts back down it will have to go nearly to the bottom unit the siphon breaks.

My best guess is maybe boiling occurred in a section (perhaps some weird low pressure spot?) pushing the water out of the resevoir. It then either cooled off or got pushed out, leaving the difference in volume to drop the revoir to the point the siphon was broken.
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