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Originally Posted by gadget View Post
The other problem with oil is messy leaks. There will always be a leak at some point.

I ran an open tank hot water setup in my greenhouse a few years back. Water temp was 100F.

So in you system how did you heat the water? Did it just reach 100F by being in the greenhouse? Or was there some sort of heater?
I was heating with wood with an experimental wood heater. Its an interesting heater though it destroyed itself from to much internal heat. I have a build thread but I have not yet updated it with the tear down.

Its posted here if you want to check it out. I post on that site as gadget;

I'm building a new design this fall thats not as intense but its not for the greenhouse. I ended up switching over my greenhouse to a geo heater using 52F well water to keep it just above freezing. To much heat loss to do much more then that.
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