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Originally Posted by WillyP View Post
I made an air heater this way. I found if you drill the hole in the bottom off to one side, then stack them so hole is on the opposite side from the flip top hole, it gives better heat transfer. I'm not sure if that would matter with water. But I am really anxious to see if this works. Keep us posted.
I have almost all the materials already. What I don't have is time since I'm starting a business. I don't know if it will happen this year now.

It occurred to me that the can seal to the manifolds will have to be very tight, otherwise water vapor will get into the unit and condense on the glass.

I'm thinking down spout manifolds but the upper manifold would have a copper pipe inside with holes and maybe small nozzles directing the coolant into the top of the cans. The top manifold would surround the pipe and keep moisture contained.
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