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I've been reading this thread and want to toss in my two cents. I build a lot of wooden stuff. If you are looking for the best structural bang for your buck, invest in high quality wood glue. "Woodtight3 is awesome stuff that wont change your fitting dimensions (unlike liquid nails). The level 3 adhesive is water proof, but shouldn't be submerged in water (not that you would do that). But it is what you want to use anywhere near water.

The metal joiners are almost a waste of money. You are much better off just double lapping the wood and using good glue.

On a 4X8 plywood side, you should really put a support at least every two feet. Two by fours are really cheap. Adding a couple of extra 2X4s, can prevent some serious problems latter on. Glue them to the plywood, then add a couple of screws, and you will have a wall that will hold a lot of water.

It is a really good idea to rip about a quarter inch of wood off the 2X4 (if you have a table saw) This will give you a much tighter edge. Even though the wood is thinner, it will be stronger because the (glued) fitting will be tighter.

Always drill a pilot hole when using wood screws. The pilot hole should be the same diameter as the solid bolt under the threads. A good test is to hold the bit on top of the screw. You should only see the threads of the screw. The switch it so the bolt is over the screw, the bit should disappear (from view, not reality).
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