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The sad truth is everyone was fooled with all this CO2 nonsense while the real destruction from pesticides and other chemicals do real damage among other problems like GMO crops. We have been distracted.

We are at 400ppm CO2, if we go lower then 280ish, all life on earth will end. If anything, we need a bit more CO2.

Don't worry about this CO2 scam. Learn the science and stop using poilitiions and hollywood nut jobs for your knowledge. CO2 has a very small affect on our temperature percentage wise. The sun is what controls our temperature. We are going into a major cooling phase according to NASA as we enter into the next grand solar minimum. Don't be a fool, we need to stop wasting time on the CO2 scam and focus on what is really important like getting rid of Round Up and adjusting our grow zones for the grand solar minimum.
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