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It's hard for governments to give up oil and gas because of the revenue streams they provide not just in terms of for the country itself, but also padding their own pocket books. I've read that the fossil fuel industry makes a profit worldwide of about $10,000,000,000 per day. I can't prove that, but it's probably in the ballpark. Who would want to lose that type of money to a new industry? Additionally for those who are able to afford to power their own homes with with renewables, that is revenue that is (at least currently) untaxable.

There are always the people that say something can't be done. Sixty years ago people thought it was impossible to go to the moon until someone said yes we can...and then we did. It is my totally prejudiced opinion that all we need to eliminate the use of most fossil fuels is the person that says yes we can and pushes our country hard in that direction. I also believe that we will never completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels because of how many industries they serve. Almost every computer, car(even if electric), toy, bicycle and device we use today has some plastic in it. Plastic is made almost exclusively from oil and natural gas. Plastics are light weight and pretty durable. Maybe one day someone will figure out a better material to use for our every day lives. OK. Soapbox done.
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