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I think you guys are missing some points here. First, to compare solar, wind etc with fossil fuels you have to base the investment over the lifetime of the generator, such as 20 years to be simple about it. Solar and wind are already at less than $.04/kwh which is cheaper than gas in most places. The big companies have to do this so it is only fair that we do it as well.

Second thing is that we do NOT have 15 years to get out energy house in order. We literally have 10 years before it is too late to reverse it so leaving it to the market alone is not appropriate. The only reason China is leading in nearly every renewable technology is because the govt is forcing them to do it. We have to stop believing the market is the only way.

Thirdly, our idea of cheap power is usually based on coal or gas and they do not add in the environmental factors and cleanup in their numbers. By that measure, solar is cheaper and we should allow for that. We need to understand that perhaps the real, all in, cost of energy is more than what we pay now
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