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Legionella is definitely a concern but I would assume if your water heater is hot enough like mentioned you should be Ok but I worry if water flow is high enough at times that some could get through as to not being heated long enough.

Chlorine doesn't stop it and many citys in the US have stopped using it and now use other methods. We have issues here outside of Fort Worth with legionella in the summer time as the incoming water from the city will get up to 80* in the summer. This is a really good reason not to use those water misters here as they are a perfect delivery system.
We really need a water softener here as out hardness is way up there but since it would be in the garage and already being filled with 80* water and then sitting in the garage it will heat up even more... Not to mention the city water often stinks like the lake. It's safe but just nasty water and we don't drink it. My R/O has a house filter for a prefilter and plugs up in 2 months with crap from the old 1.5" water main.
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