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Now doing laundry every other week (and still less than before) and on Tuesday my refrigerator decided to die. It was a 22 cf refrigerator with freezer on top. Since it was an emergency I bought a cheap 3.3 cf refrigerator from the hardware store. Previously I was using an average of 14 kwh/day. Last couple days have averaged 9 kwh/day. Curious to see if this trend continues.

The question is can I live with a super small refrigerator or will it drive me up the wall to the point of buying a larger one. Only time will tell.

I still have the 50 odd year old deep freeze that I'd been planning on getting rid of. Sadly it won't go for the time being since the little fridge doesn't have a freezer.

All but the living room carpet is gone. Need to get rid of the couches next and start tearing that up. Then I can rent a floor sander and sand the living daylights out of the floor and refinish them.
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