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Thanks Jeff.

I most definitely need a second tank that will act as a pre-heater. I drew out a diagram of what I would need and then came across the image below which looks really similar to what I had envisioned. I would be using vacuum tubes to heat water though.

1. No potable water enters the vacuum tubes. The tubes simply heat up the water in a header of sorts.

2. I have a circulating pump with a built in timer already. So I could set it to circulate the water every hour for a few minutes during daylight hours. My pump would be just as the one pictured in the image.

3. I would be looking into getting a used or cheap hot water tank and using it for a pre-heater. I'm assuming I could utilize the check valve and drain valve as my 3rd and 4th water outlets?

4. I have an expansion tank on the cold side already. Would I have to install a second expansion tank and I assume I would need to re-install the check on the holding tank somehow or in the pipe?


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