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Default Adding solar hot water to existing hot water tank?

Hello All,
Can anyone give advice or provide a link with specific details/pictures for adding solar hot water to an existing natural gas hot water tank?

My hot water tank is in the garage and on the south side of our home. So it would be easy to add vacuum tubes on the outside wall and then connect it to the NG hot water tank on the inside. However, exactly how do I do this because I can find no step by step scenarios for a simple setup as I desire. I don't want to go off the grid or anything complex. I just want a simple setup in order to lower my hot water heating costs.

1) Whatever I do will be mounted on the side of our house and not on the roof. That area is inconspicuous and it gets a lot of sun.

2) I simply want to heat some water via solar and add that to my existing NG hot water heater system.

3) I could add a second holding tank and use it to preheat water prior to going into my natural gas hot water heater, if a better design? I can get individual vacuum tubes at an affordable price so I suppose I would need a holding tank of some sort?

God Bless,

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