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Originally Posted by MN Renovator View Post
I called my garbage hauler and they put me on the list of houses to stop by their rear loading garbage truck that they roll through the route every two weeks. I think it was $20 to get added to the route and the cost was like $4 for each 40 gallon or less garbage bag and a certain amount per yard of trash. I got rid of 4 garbage bags full of stuff, a couch, 2 computer chairs, and a bunch of torn apart IKEA discards(old roommate abandonded a bunch of stuff for under $100. I imagine it would have been about $40 for the fee for them to show up and $20 to haul a room's worth of carpet. Call your local garbage hauler before you consider getting a dumpster because I almost paid hundreds for a dumpster but ended up paying $80. Get the pile as tight as you can and get a length, width, height measurement to give them and see if you get a reasonable estimate to haul it.

I was also told by the actual trash hauler guy that if I could get things down to a load the size of the garbage cart, I could bribe most of their guys $5 to take each additional trash can load of stuff if I was there to toss it in the trash can, and they'd just run the machine to dump it in the truck from the cart. you if you are around when those guys are coming by, it might be worth asking. If you are at work or otherwise away, it's probably just worth calling the hauler.
Wish mine was that cheap, it's 80$ per large item and only one large item per week allowed. I have a couch, loveseat, and chair I want to get rid of (240$) and then the carpet which might take two weeks to get rid of unless I cut it down into smaller portions.

Last couch I got rid of I tore it apart and used one of the cannister's to throw pieces away for no extra charge but it was a lot of time and work. Took almost 3 weeks to get rid of it all.

Plus a bunch of other old junk that I want to clean out of the basement. If I'm not using it and it's beyond repair I want to get rid of it.
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