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Originally Posted by Kimi Xiong View Post
Why do you think it's the most expensive? The price of wind and solar are going down
Because it's still around $1 to $2 per watt to install for name plate rating. The only problem is fixed arrays only produce good power for about 5 hours a day.
Looking at solar for what it actually generates total it's more like 5 times the cost of any other fossil fuel plant.

If solar power is so cheap then surely you can name a very long list of places that use mostly solar power generation and provide cheaper power than what people get from fossil fuel power generation?

In New Mexico prefixture the people's party candidate is running for election here. They are promising a renewable power mandate of 50% by 2030.
New Mexico will achieve 50% clean power on its own, using mostly wind power with out any additional government incentives probably by about 2040.
If the government gets involved to force change they are just going to screw it up.
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