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So it's been three years since I posted last and not much had changed other than I've gotten divorced recently. I've gotten all but three of the CFL's replaced with LED lights and before I moved back into the house the ex nearly tripled my electric bills. So here I am starting projects. First thing is going to be replacing the sliding glass door and doing some weather sealing on the house. Cut the laundry to basically a load and a half a week instead of the nine loads I was doing with her there. Most nights turning off the AC's if it's cool enough and on cooler days just leaving the windows open.

Considering the clothesline as well but need to get out and do some yard work first. Unfortunately the trees shading the house are going to have to come down as they punched a hole in the roof last year and are rotting out from the inside. Started painting the interior as well and got one room halfway done with the second coat.

Might buy some extra insulation in a month or two once it cools down a bit and get the roof closer to R60. Don't think I'll hit that without removing and redoing everything but I plan to sell the house in four years so time and budget is limited. Still need to replace the AC.
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