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This is a fantastic application for a heat pump. you need a lot of 'low grade' heat delivered at around 110F. your 1kW heater delivers about 3300 BTU/hr. a typical 500-600W heat pump/window shaker will deliver 7-8000BTU/hr. that's 240% the heat delivered for 60% the operating cost, not including the fact that when you reach your setpoint it'll shut off.

judging by your note above, you pay approxmately $0.10/kwh. 24hrs*31days*1kw*$0.10/kwh=$74.4 for 1kw electric heater
delivered BTU/month = 2,455,200
BTU/dollar = 33,000

24hrs*31days*0.5kw*$0.10/kwh=$37.2 for 500w heat pump
delivered btu/month = 5,952,000
BTU/dollar = 160,000
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