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Default My very first eviction!

Here's what January's bills look like:

Natural Gas - $84.38
Electricity - $122.09
Water - $60.39

Other expenses:

Cable/WiFi - $74.92
Telephone - $45.48
Insurance - $22.42
Condo Fees - $125.00
Property Tax - $106.69
Debt Interest - $449.76
Water Heater - $110.00
Legal Eviction - $30.00

Total January '09 Housing Costs: $1,231.13

Rent collection from roommates: $975.00

Monthly Deficit: $256.13


Wow, what a crazy month! We had an eviction of the couple that occupied the master bedroom because of smoking marijuana in their room and wasting utilities (they had windows open in winter and left the oven on several times). So now we're down to just 2 roommates.

I'm occupying the master bedroom for now because of the basement reno. We're now in the midst of framing the basement. Still several more months before it's done.

New windows and the exterior door are paid for and should be installed this April sometime, so that should help with heating costs next year.

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