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Here's what December's bills look like:

Natural Gas - $110.53
Electricity - $72.61
Water - $64.53

Other expenses:

Cable/WiFi - $60.35
Telephone - $44.09
Insurance - $22.42
Condo Fees - $125.00
Property Tax - $106.69
Debt Interest - $467.12

Total December '09 Housing Costs: $1,073.34

Rent collection from roommates: $1,170.00

Monthly Surplus: $96.66


We had bitterly cold temperatures for the month of December (-30*C) to the point where the hinges on the front door squawked with stress every time it was opened. Oddly with just 2 rooms being rented currently and being some of the coldest weather of the year this place is still paying for the basic housing costs.

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Basement bathroom rough-in has been completed (lots of jackhammering, dirt everywhere and pipes put in) and once the plumbing inspection is completed, we'll be able to continue with the project. So far the basement reno has been pricey... about $4,400 spent so far!

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