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Here's what November's bills look like:

Natural Gas - $66.37
Electricity - $61.91
Water - $70.63

Other expenses:

Cable/WiFi - $60.35
Telephone - $44.09
Insurance - $22.42
Condo Fees - $125.00
Property Tax - $106.69
Debt Interest - $467.75

Total November '09 Housing Costs: $1,025.21

Rent collection from roommates: $1,170.00

Monthly Surplus: $144.79


As predicted, the older roommate has moved out thus rental income has dropped. I've moved into his old room now, clearing the way for basement development. Water usage was abnormally high, but with one less person living here, that should go down. The furnace is running a lot too! It's been -30*C and below for a few weeks now. Debt interest for the household rose due to the recent loan application to finance the new windows/bathroom addition.

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