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Just a wee bit of a mid-month update:

1). I ordered four new windows and front door for the place and they should be installed around March 2010. They were pretty pricey (about $5K including installation) but the curb appeal, extra sunlight through the front door, and the improved window seals will be worth it!

2). Basement bathroom has run into a snag where we found water just below the basement slab. Currently there's a deep sump pump draining the water in effort to get it dry enough to tie into the sewer line. I'm probably looking at about $3.5K spent on the bathroom rough-in by the time it's all done.

3). One of my roommates (the guy in his late 50s) is really getting annoyed with the current household antics (hey, it's a household of people in their 20s, what do you expect?) so I'm predicting he will be leaving soon. Thus rental income will most likely drop to $1,230/month with him gone. I'm not planning on getting another roommate to take his place until the bathroom reno is done.

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The good news is that with the windows put in, bathroom added, and basement window installed (to make the basement 'bedroom' legit), those will be the ONLY renovations to this place. Then I'll just focus on paying this puppy off!

June of 2010 will mark the 2nd anniversary of working for the bank, so if I have all my financed renovations paid off by then, I might seriously consider resigning and running this place full time.

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