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Default Kinda working..

I'm not so sure.. I found a user that's had a lot of problems with this model..
Sante Fe Classic Quality Issues

He's included five links to YouTube videos in his posts..

Mine seems to be working poorly. Only getting about a quart during a 1 hour run..
Temp 70F with RH between 60 & 70 percent.

I'm wondering if a Superheat test could tell me anything..
First, I'll have to find out what the 'standard' Superheat temperature is for this model. At 70F & 70%RH..

After a 1/2 hour warm up, I did a little testing of the input air vs the output air.
Input air was 62%RH @ 73deg
Output was 38%RH @ 82deg
A change of 24%RH & 9 deg.
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