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Default October's bills took forever!

Nearly one full month of telling the HOA my water reading for the month, they finally calculated what I owe and it's paid for. Jeesh! Here's what October's bills finally look like:

Natural Gas - $58.08
Electricity - $63.21
Water - $44.04

Other expenses:

Cable/WiFi - $60.35
Telephone - $47.95
Insurance - $22.42
Condo Fees - $125.00
Property Tax - $106.69
Debt Interest - $428.96

Total October '09 Housing Costs: $956.70

Rent collection from roommates: $1,650.00

Monthly Surplus: $693.30


I'm starting to feel the pressure of renting this place 125% capacity. 5 people living in the house and still only one bathroom! The basement bathroom is well underway and it should be finished before the end of this year! Mortgage payment was simplified to just the interest of all my debts for the month (since the principle payment isn't really a 'cost').

A close friend of mine just got new energy star windows for her 1960s home and there are virtually NO drafts in the house anymore. I'm thinking that I should replace mine because I only have 4 windows in the entire place

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