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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I don't think that will work very well.
I use glycol coolers and splits at work.
For example a 5 ton split condenser has 1/4 line feeding liquid refrigerant going to it.
The 5 ton glycol cooler needs 36gpm and has 1 inch lines going to it.
Is the glycol used to cool the ambient air or to cool the condenser? We have AC systems at the power plant where I work which use glycol to cool the condenser, however since the glycol is cooled by a cooling tower it is close to the outdoor temp. Since it is warm to start with, it takes a lot flow to remove much heat from the condenser. Not much delta T. For my idea to work, the water flowing through the evap would be near 0C. This is not as cold as the refrigerant for which the unit is designed, however, the entire evap will be liquid filled unlike with refrigerant which is undergoing a phase change in the evap. Sorry Memphis91, I'm getting off topic.
The Fe-Ni seems interesting, I think it would be cheaper if produced in volume.
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