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Originally Posted by Kramer View Post
I live in the South as well, and AC accounts for about a third of my usage. I want to build an ice storage system that i think will be much cheaper more robust then any battery bank. My idea is to put a few hundred partially water filled soda bottles in a tank and then fill in the voids with a glycol mix. My thought is that this way the expanding ice will not damage the tank or any piping since the bottles will be able to move freely as they freeze. Then, I just pump the glycol from the tank, and then through indoor evap coils (now converted to glyco/air heat exchangers) as needed throughout the day or night. The only need for batteries would be to power the coolant recirc pump. The AC compressor and condenser fan can run only when the sun shines.
I don't think that will work very well.
I use glycol coolers and splits at work.
For example a 5 ton split condenser has 1/4 line feeding liquid refrigerant going to it.
The 5 ton glycol cooler needs 36gpm and has 1 inch lines going to it.

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