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I put my new angle grinder to work today. It was so worth the money it performed very well.

I cut down the front stands to 14 high the sides of the grows beds are 12 on top of that. This will make them 26 high total. This should be just about right. I finished cutting down the five front stands to make them all 3 deep instead of 4 and welded them back together.

My greenhouse is only going to be 12 and the back stands will be about 6 with the barrels and IBC grow beds the front ones will be 3 that will leave 3 walk way in the center. I just think 2 in the center was not enough room.

That is why I cut down the front stands to 3. The front grow bed will have a pond liner and it will be 3 x 20 that should make a nice grow bed.

My front grow bed is going to be 3 x 20. A couple inches under 3.
I just ordered my pond liner for it.

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