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I drove 4 hours round trip to pick up a Fish Tank on Friday it was advertised on Craigslist to be 600 gallon or 2271L that is just about right. Then he emails me and tells me it is 1300 gallon 4921L. I think that is fine I will just not fill it the whole way.

Will I get it home and it is really 425 gallons 1608L.
I might use it for the sump tank.

I got 10 black 55 gallons barrels $10 each for heat collection in the green house. I am getting 10 steel black barrels to be the first row. These will be stacked two high on the back wall in my passive solar greenhouse. 1,100 gallons of water collecting heat and about 9,130lbs of heat collection water weight.

I picked up my stands very strong mig welded repurposed $18 each. I could have built my stands out of wood but I don’t want to use treated lumber and I don’t want to attract termites.

I found out my IBC containers are really 330 gallons not 275 gallons.
My son helped pressure wash the one IBC.

We put it on a stand to start collecting rain water for the project.

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