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Things I would do different.

The fuse holder I bought is working fine but it could be beefier.
This is a better choice.

OpenEV Store - 30A Cooper Bussman Miget Fuse Holder
He did not sell these when I bought the kit. (Other people also sell this fuse holder)

He was out of the displays when I bought my kit. This one is simpler and more compact.

OpenEV Store - DIY - OpenEVSE RGB LCD

Metal enclosure would be stronger and just a little bigger would give more options for mounting things.

Indoor the plastic one is fine.

Things I liked or would do again.

The Leviton cable with J1772 plug is top quality. (Try to get this on sale)
I got this on a black Friday deal and it was a great deal. I got the 25’ version but they don’t sell this one any more. Buy the 30 amp cord even if you don't need it your next EV will need it and you will be all set.

If you use the Leviton cable buy Strain Relief Cord Connectors - PG 21. It is a very tight fit but the next size up will not work at all. I had to send a set back and order these. you will need some soapy water and maybe light sand the cable to get them on. but they need to have a tight fit or they are useless.

I would buy the OpenEVSE Programmer again.
OpenEV Store - OpenEVSE Programmer
This allows up to load the latest software or bug fixes.

The EV simulator kit is a must have.
OpenEV Store - EV Simulator Kit
This allows you to test out the whole thing before plugging in that very expensive car. Then you know you did not mess it up.

Read all directions very carefully. Don’t drill into your work table

Look over other peoples builds to decide how you want yours.

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