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Hello solarhotairpanels,

I would reconsider the use of the air vent and vacuum break. There are 1000s of totally closed systems around that don't use them. A closed loop from panels to the HX allows the pump pressure created on the discharge side to be of help on the suction side of the pump. If the air vent is working, the pump will have to work harder to do the same job. If you are worrying about draining the panels, don't, as they will drain just fine with the slopes I see on your system.

Also, using an air vent and vacuum breaker means that you will have to monitor and fill the system more often which brings in more particulates and O2 which causes corrosion on the iron body pumps you have. Any potential failures in the system will come quicker and auto air vents are often the first to fail.

I cannot tell if the insulation you are using is closed cell (armaflex type) or open cell foam (used for insulating water lines in the basement and has a glue strip), but all insulation should be closed cell as the temp rating on the open cell is not high enough and it will melt to the piping in certain places near the collectors.

The tank arrangement looks good. Love the enthusiasm.

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