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You bet. I may go at it with your materials, but build the whole thing in place on the wall. That way I can put the tubes through the PT plywood skirting (manufactured home) right at the start, build it up and finish it out. I have access to 4' shears and brakes, so some interior baffles are easy.
I can bring the hot in to the existing ducting under the house, and plumb the cool return into the return plenum above the electric furnace.
I'd need to fashion a damper in the main duct to keep things from just looping up through the electric furnace and right back out the return.
Probably end up with two dampers that way.
My system will be best flat on the wall as you describe. I have minimal eaves, the gutters do help. I can hang a rolled bamboo style screen in front of the system in the summer months to keep it cooler.
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