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Originally Posted by Mikesolar View Post
Good work Eric, how will you use the heat in the summer because that is the biggest issue. Given what I see there, I would use about 6' of copper to keep the heat away from the pex. You may be surprised (or not) by how much heat will flow into the pex. The copper can help a bit.

BTW, where in NS are you. My cottage is near Chester.
Thanks Mike,

Yeah I will definitely have an abundance of extra energy in the summer. A pool or hot tub is a possibility. It is a drainback system, so if the tank is maxed I just need to turn the pump off.

Perhaps I could make a few modifications and get some steam to power a turbine, haha.

I am a little concerned about the PEX connection at the beginning of the return. If I have a failure due to heat it will be there. One aspect helping me is that the loop will be un-pressurized in stagnated conditions. It is supposed to be good for 100psi @ 180F.

Chester is a beautiful place to have a cottage. I live close to Peggy's cove.
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