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I currently have an older oil forced air furnace which Iíd love to stop buying oil for Iíve installed a water-to-air heat exchanger (Finned Coil Water to Air Heat Exchangers) in the return plenum and the heating loop pump circulates water directly from the storage tank through it. I realize that relatively low-temp solar isnít an ideal supply for this, but installing hydronic in-floor heat is a project for another day. The exchangers are typically used for those with back-yard wood boilers and are pretty decently priced. We typically turn the heat down quite low at night and itís also off during the day while away. This gives a bit larger of a delta-t to work with.

As for the summer, I think Iím going to need a pool

Here are some pictures of the plumbing. I followed Garyís design fairly closely here. I am using a TACO-011 for the solar circulating pump. The smaller pump is a TACO-005 for the heating loop. The domestic supply to the hot water tank is a 300í coil of 1Ē PEX. I plan to add a few spacers to spread the coil out a bit in the tank.

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