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The greenhouse itself was bought as a kit (1000+ pieces, like a giant Meccano set!) so I can't claim any fame for that. It is an aluminium frame with 4mm polycarbonate windows so there is some insulation.

The base is only really insulated in a few spots as a result of the polystyrene mounting panels for the underfloor heating (the black panels in the photo). Apart from this there is no additional insulation. As the temperature here rarely drops to freezing it shouldn't need too much insulation as the sand and gravel floor shoud store some heat and the heated floor should (hopefully) do the rest.

The construction itself took about a day and a half. The instructions were in picture form with writing in German so a bit of guess work a couple of times!

The shed itself is concrete block - as I'm not a builder I employed someone to build it for me so it would have straight walls and not be dangerous....

The lamps are LED and are 15W each panel, total 60W. With the small solar system I have there isn't capacity for much more. They are fixed to the roof so we'll see... We are now harvesting food from there and have more vegetables on the way.

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