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Saw an article in Mother Earth News (i think) where someone made a greenhouse out of hog panels...very strong and able to withstand snow build-up. I have an old 75 gallon gas water heater and was thinking of DIY on the panel with PEX for the heat exchanger. It would be a drainback system. I also have some small circulator pumps, one for the panel (minimal head pressure) and one for the loop. I suppose I could run just one for the whole thing-though the loop then the panel-but I'm not sure the pumps I have could handle the friction though the loop then the panel w/o burning up.

If I REALLY wanted to do it right, I would also have a PV panel with a small wind turbine backup to power a bank of batteries, which would in turn power some grow lights set up with a photocell and a timer. The timer to turn on the lights at 6AM and off at 8PM and a photocell to turn them off when its daylight enough. (hmmm maybe even enough power to run some 12v pumps).

I'm not sure what temp the ground needs to be to encourage growth though...gotta look into that.
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