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Default All year greenhouse

I have been given an evacuated tube solar water heating system and am thinking of how to incorporate it into a climitized greenhouse system.

I'm planning to buy a 13M2 greenhouse so would like to try to get the whole thing built at the same time.

My idea is to use the solar water heater to collect heat during the day and to have it connected to an underfloor heaing system in the greenhouse to maintain the soil temperature overnight and during the morning. The heating panels would be covered with soil in raised beds.

I'm also thinking of using a temperature/humidity sensor coupled to a processor based control system and (if I can work out how to construct them) motorised roof windows. The controller will control the heating/watering/windows to maintain an optimum growing condition.

Has anyone done anything similar to this? Any pointers/suggestions; soil depth/optimum temperature/humidity?


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