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Default geothermal water temp minimum

I have been watching for a while.
I am thinking of making a heat exchanger.
I would like to start small and move on from there.
I would like to heat my 3 ft crawl space.
approx 600 square feet.
our house is on an alluvial fan with high water table and natural flow down hill.
I am wondering what is the lowest temp that would be reasonable for this to work.
I plan on digging a hole and placing a thermometer in the water to check the temp.
I can place pipes uphill and use it as a horizontal well to provide a water source.

my theory is to direct the water from an up hill source to a storage unit with 2 inch pipe.(approx 150 ft run)

build the heat exchanger to use the storage as a source.
this way I could control sediment in the supply.

or I could just make trenches near the house.
typically if I dig a hole 1 ft deep, water fills the hole half way.
I have a mini excavator and could make trenches 4 ft deep and 2 ft wide.

average low temp is minus 2 c. but it can drop to -20 in an extreme typically for less than a week

It appears to me the most important thing is to know if the water has enough temp to work.

any info is appreciated

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