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The Enphase M190 have a high failure rate. The M215 and M250 have been doing great.

The M215 cost is around $118-$129 each this puts the cost at almost a wash once you add the Envoy. But SolarEdge inverter is only warrantied 12 years Enphase is 25 years.
Envoy is only warrantied for two years.
The M215 will top out a 225 watts I can show many graphs even with my own panels.

The panels do not degrade as fast as published I can still put out 225 watts this time a year with over 2 years old 230 watt panels. I just had my highest max power output in just over 2 years.
The M250 tops out @258 watts.

I am not sure where you are getting your max output numbers from but the ones I posted are from Enphase. I can confirm the M215 number is right on the money.

I would no pair M250 with a 260 watt module. I think they are doing that just to make money.

Close out modules have been 250-260 lately anyway.
They claim 1% loss a year for solar modules most people are not seeing this much loss.

Here is a screen shot on May 27 my panels are just over 2 years old.
The top row are 230 watt panels and the bottom array are 240 watt panels but are at less of a angle as the top. All have M215 microinverters.

I don't get any clipping at all but a bigger module is a better pairing with the M215 a couple years ago I went with what was on sale.
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