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Originally Posted by The master plan View Post
It has an expansion tank built into the line. Also the fill is just a large pipe with a loose fitting cap.
The expansion tank is only for minor variations in pressure. As strider was trying to suggest, if your pump failed (and there are so many reasons that this could happen) you would have a very serious situation on your hands... We don't hear much about steam burns anymore because we don't use steam much anymore. But my mother, who was a country doctor's assistant in the time when steam was in use, had some pretty grizzly tales about steam-power gone wrong... we're talking about arms and hands and fingers being cut off by high-pressure steam, and blindness and large areas of scalded skin.

You ought to be able to find a pressure relief valve from an old water heater... there is a reason they are required.

Safety isn't just for sissies anymore...

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