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It has an expansion tank built into the line. Also the fill is just a large pipe with a loose fitting cap.

I believe it does actually 'boil' the water out of the loop in the stove until the pump kicks on. You then hear the pipes pop alittle when the water flows into the pipe, but after that the system runs normally and very quietly.

No problems so far anyway...

I also got a line on a 75K BTU Carrier gas boiler with expansion tank, pump and 2 zone valves for $200. I hope the guy saves it until the weekend, can't get over to give the cash until then. I think that might work well for the house and/or garage for my "Plan B" back-up heat.

Then I can tell the city to take me off the hot water heat! Next step would be working on the electric then. Off the grid in town is the goal.
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